NEW Husky 3/8 in. 80 ft. lbs. Reactionless Ratchet




Brand new, never used.

Product Details:
The new Husky air tool line is built to industrial standards for the professional user providing more power, less noise and longer life. This new Husky 3/8 in. Reaction Less Ratchet features low weight housing with rubberized handle overmold. The unique built-in impact chamber provides reaction less operation and allows the tool to produce 80 ft. lb. of torque. Internal silencing greatly reduces tool noise and the convenient forward/reverse switch in the ratchet head for quick and easy directional changes. Designed for removing and installing fasteners during auto/recreational vehicle/garden equipment service and repair. Particularly good for hard-to-reach high torque fasteners, and work in confined areas where the reaction less design eliminates risk of finger/hand trapping.
•80 ft. lb. of torque
•Built-in impact chamber provides reaction less operation
•Rubberized handle overmold for comfort
•Built-in silencing reduces noise level
•Ball type socket retainer provides positive socket retention
•Forward/reverse switch in ratchet head provide easy directional changes
•Large throttle lever provides comfort